Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than 12 Legions of Angels

Matthew 26:53


Episode 1

Published on:

9th Apr, 2020


Published on:

8th Apr, 2020

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About the Podcast

12 Legions
Join the 12 Legions movement in Rising Up with the absolute truth: Father's Love
The 12 LEGIONS is a life changing journey where we engage in the Father's Love and His words.

What does it all mean? Is it for real or just crazy talk? Why do people not answer my strange and unusual questions about this thing called Faith and Spirituality???

- This exists to answer those questions, this exists to share real life testimonies of God's love for each and one of us, not a select few, but for ALL those that choose to follow him.
- This exists to help you come into full obedience, total alignment and to bring light to where there is darkness, wherever that might be.

I can only encourage you to lean in with an open heart -- ultimately the decision is only yours to own.